A New Beginning for Team Play in Niagara

Gillian Cruz Takes the Power of Positive Thinking to New Heights

On Sunday morning, July 14th, teams from Ft Erie TC and from Pelham TC met to experience inter club play.  A total of 10 players from each club enjoyed two rounds of friendly competition, followed by refreshments and time for conversation.

The event was created by Mimi Leung from host club Ft Erie, with coordination and support from Pelham TC being provided by Kelly Larmour and Jane Bedard.  Although this was primarily a women’s initiative, several men were welcomed to the teams as well.

Mimi, Jane and Kelly set up the first round with five pairs from each club squaring off against the other team.  In the second round, Ft Erie players were paired with a partner from the visiting club.

While the intention of the event was for friendly mixing, the games were well played and tightly contested.  The overall atmosphere was extremely positive and open.

Among the prominent comments heard during the aftermatch refreshments was “When can we do this again?”  Pelham has plans underway for a match with Grimsby TC, and Ft Erie is working on a return for their home-and-home with Niagara-on-the-Lake TC which was begun last summer.


Throughout the world, wherever there is a thriving and vigorous tennis environment, there is team competition.  Here in Niagara, it’s a missing link : if we can get some traction for team play, in a fashion that is sustainable and scalable, it should provide a lift to help our sport gain some of that “thriving and vigorous” character.  Thanks to Mimi Leung and the cast of Sunday’s show in Ft Erie, a beginning is underway.

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